Stir-fried wheat noodles with kohlrabi and basil

Another example of random inspiration — I wondered idly last night what a search on kohlrabi and noodles would do in Google and found this recipe via Food and Wine.

It’s important to note that as ever I made some necessary on the fly changes — I had no rice noodles so made do with wheat, while the kohlrabi didn’t end up browning much and I substituted tofu in place of the red pepper (and, implicitly, the mung bean sprouts) in order to ensure some protein was included. Point being, though, this worked very well!


2 Responses to “Stir-fried wheat noodles with kohlrabi and basil”

  1. zendenizen Says:

    Have you ever tried green tea soba noodles? I made them today with shredded carrot, yellow pepper and some seitan for protein. The fam loved it….

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