Take a tour of the garden…

…as filmed and narrated by myself!

Told you I’d be doing more of things like this…


5 Responses to “Take a tour of the garden…”

  1. Eric Reynolds Says:

    That was great, Ned. Good to hear you!

  2. zendenizen Says:

    Did you say you did that on upgraded phone? The quality was fantastic! You sound a little different than I imagined. I can’t pinpoint why but you just did 🙂

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      Yup, filmed that on a new iPhone. It did turn out pretty well I have to say!

      And hurrah for confounding expectations, whatever they might have been. 🙂

  3. StanM Says:

    Amazing! So many different plants in such a small place, and they’re all doing to well!

    (also, LOL @ your erect pinky style camera holding shadow every now and then 🙂 )

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