Cold somen noodles done a little more properly

As a recent take on this was a little more free. Regardless, said noodles along with various other toppings and a dipping sauce, along with a good sake. Nice combination!

There are any number of cold somen noodle recipes online — a fun I came across, which links to a recent LA Times story as well, is courtesy of the Food Librarian. Needless to say any library employee in the LA area who is a cooking fiend is all right by me, so I salute you!

Somen noodles are easily cooked, rinsed and chilled, and so long as you have the basic dipping sauce around — somen tsuyu is how it’s labeled if you go the storebought route — the sky’s the limit in terms of what you want to include or try.


6 Responses to “Cold somen noodles done a little more properly”

  1. paramountplaces Says:

    hmm nice noodles , i love noodles .

  2. foodlibrarian Says:

    Ned, these look great! Isn’t this a great way to enjoy summer!

    I’m adding you to my reader and look forward to more posts! – mary the food librarian

  3. Austin Says:

    Hey Ned—

    I’ve found your blog through your music reviews and a little curiosity. I’ve had a few brief email exchanges with you through the years over things you’ve mentioned in your reviews of Sonic Youth and the Chameleons, but I have to say that I didn’t expect what I’ve found here.

    And, let me say that, after years of reading your music reviews —and those reviews, in turn, turning me on to tons of new things and basically affecting my everyday life— this is an absolute gem of a find.

    To say that your music writing was a contribution for me wanting to start writing about music would be an understatement.

    And now that I’ve found you post blogs about amazing food —and on top of that, seemingly vegetarian— is a true inspiration.

    Thank you.


    Sorry for the overly personal comment. But man… consider my mind blown.

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