More on the garden front

Meanwhile gardening in general hasn’t been ignored, of course — this is a bit of a catchup here, first via YouTube clips from mid to late August:

Last Tuesday, meanwhile, I snagged a few shots:

Spider victims!

Monster zucchini

That latter shot, BTW, was the zucchini that ended up being made into the spears I mentioned in the post previous to this one.

My favorite shot, meanwhile, was of the pumpkin that friend Tara, who is a newer addition to our garden group, ended up harvesting. It’s a very ‘her’ photo, as I’m sure her boyfriend Dan can attest to!

Tara and the pumpkin!

The combination of heat and approaching end of summer means that the main growing season is already winding down; however the garden crew all had a lovely meal the other day to plot for winter work and planting, which will be good as we are sometimes guilty of letting the garden to ground a bit during that time. So look for more updates as we go!

Meantime as a lead-in to the next post — while the recent Angeles National Forest fire is a sad event underscored by the loss of lives and houses, a perversely beautiful side effect can be seen in the sunset like this one noticed from the garden the other day:

Sunset at the garden


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