Some photos in general, meantime

And wrapping up posts for today, I think — more visual stuff from recent doings here and there. As I mentioned in the last post, the fires have been the main thing to note up until lately around here, as the combination of oppressive heat and thick air has magnified their effects to sometimes terrible proportions, beyond the loss of life suffered due to the blaze itself. But at the same time there’s sometimes something to be said for just the impact on the sky of all the dust in the air, so:

A fire and smoke tinted sunset

Another view of same


Meantime a recent visit to LACMA, prompted by a friend being in town and another turning out to actually work there (which I didn’t realize before, for whatever stupid reason! sorry about that, Scott!), was a treat, and photos were taken including these:

A LACMA walkway

Ribbons and Variety

Green and waves

And finally, when it came to sky photos, it wasn’t just smoke — this was simply a really cool cloud I noticed one afternoon after work:

A really cool cloud


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