And a garden update — and mostly to do with bark

Which may seem strange. But while the photos don’t entirely tell the tale — as always, the rolling photo set has more shots in general — today was actually a very important day at the garden, a long-planned work day to lay down plastic sheeting (via old garbage bags and the like) as a barrier to weeds. This was done in the other garden area already (at the top of the photo above) and was a massive success at keeping weeds mostly out and away from the area, aside from a couple of unavoidable spots on the periphery.

By doing this here as well, along with laying down a lot of new bark, we figure we’ll have much less of a trailing weed and other unwanted guest problem in general, allowing us to concentrate more on the beds themselves. By taking care of this before winter and any winter rains too, that’s even more of a help, since the garden can get pretty shaggy during those times.

Some new plants also put in — winter tomatoes, snow peas and cabbage — and you can get a quick tour of it all via a new YouTube upload I did:

As always, enjoy!

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