The 2010 EMP Pop Conference announcements are going out — and I’m in!

Interrupting the steady flow of Not Just the Ticket posts to say that I’ve received word just now that my proposal for this year’s conference has been formally accepted. I’m quite thrilled to get the chance to present at an event I now attend annually, especially in a city I love and with many friends near and far that either live nearby or come in for the conference.

The proposal is titled “The Listener as Electronic Librarian,” and will draw on a variety of observations from not only my music writing work but my regular job at a library, more specifically drawing on numerous observations and current issues of professional interest in the field of information science. It will not be a ‘professional’ library paper as such — I am not a holder of an M.L.S. degree, nor do I work as a librarian straight up — but I hope to be able to present a paper of interest to that audience as well as wider ones.

Anyway, for all the grey skies and heavy winds and lots of rain today, damn I’m excited! This’ll be good fun. See folks there in April if you’re attending!


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