Not Just the Ticket — and now, a question for the audience

Due to some writing work I’d like to concentrate on today at home, no post today but hopefully one tomorrow. But I’ve been pleased by the reaction to the series so far and would like to thank everyone for the comments and feedback I’ve received, it’s been a treat!

My question — perhaps the first of several over the course of the series — is for everyone that’s been reading along. So we all like to talk about the first show we attended — but what was the second show? Was it better or worse than the first? Did it directly grow out of attending the first show? Do you have anything saved from that show? Was there any one thing particularly memorable about it? (As talked about here, mine was Hall and Oates in 1984.)

Looking forward to your responses!


11 Responses to “Not Just the Ticket — and now, a question for the audience”

  1. Brad Nelson Says:

    Dude, Ned, fantastic series so far. It has made me analyze my own tiny incidents of light and sound.

    The second of these, since I think the first was Elton John/Billy Joel (I was 6, Elton was shilling for Made in England, Bill Joel was probably shilling for River of Dreams, and so they shilled in tandem!), was the triple bill of Montell Jordan/Boyz II Men/TLC, which was all Babyface-cowrites and choreography. I think this was age 7 or 8; it was regardless an age at which I could not be bothered by the content of either “I’ll Make Love to You” or “Red Light Special.” “Creep” was my rollerskating jam, etc. I don’t remember much about the content but I do know that I was delirious with excitement; all my nerves rose up and fed me electricity all night.

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      Man that sounds great — that would be some state of the art stuff in the pop world right then and there. And “Creep” still rules, of course. Seven or eight? Did you go with your folks or family or…?

      • Brad Nelson Says:

        Oh yeah, my mother totally accompanied me, as she did for the majority of concerts I went to until high school. She was the big Boyz II Men fan, and TLC were my favorite group in the world.

  2. Bob Ham Says:

    In hindsight it would be hard for any show to top the greatness of my first -R.E.M. and Throwing Muses at Great Woods in Mansfield MA – but at that point in my life the idea of seeing live music was still a novel one. So at the time I thought the Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb show (at the same venue) was glorious.

    What I remember of the show now doesn’t feel as exciting. I got terribly embarrassed by the rather preppy-ish guys I was with when they got mocked by some very cute goth girls. And It rained a lot. We got soaked in the space between the parking lot and the venue.

    The two things I can dredge up about the show itself were that I felt vaguely let down that Dave Gahan used many of the same stage moves that I had seen in my three dozen screenings of Depeche Mode 101 and that I was very impressed by Nitzer Ebb’s energy. They spent their entire set in motion, especially the two leather clad dudes who only played Linn drums.

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      Haha after reading so many comments talking about that very tour and how it was loved (given my own attendance!) it’s nice to read a contrary take! But yeah that sounds like a bit of a mess (still, preppy guys being made fun of by goth girls, there’s a life lesson or something in there…)

      • Robert Ham Says:

        I’m impressed that you got to see Electronic AND that you have a much great recall for older shows like that than myself. I couldn’t begin to try to lay out a set list for Depeche Mode’s set if I tried. I do remember some of the Nitzer Ebb songs – “Nobody Knows” (I remember the “bloody noses/alcohol” line being sung just as the sun began to peek out of the clouds), “Getting Closer”, and of course, “Fun To Be Had”. Considering how repetitive those last two songs are, it makes sense that those would be the ones I can come up with…

  3. Xana Says:

    You know I’m actually hard pressed to remember if Cheap Trick at the Palace was my first show or Duran Duran at the Forum was my first. I’m having a hard time believing that a seventeen year old could get into the Palace w/o fake ID, but who knows.

    I can’t say that one was better than the other because they were such disparate experiences. The Duran Duran show was a birthday gift from my Dad. I drove the car and went with two other friends, sans adult! It was total teeneybopper heaven.

    The Cheap Trick show was HOLLYWOOD. I wore a minidress and high heals (first time ever in anything that short) and a girlfriend who was into metal took me. I had no idea who Cheap Trick was. The bad part of the show was the panic I felt when pushed into the stage and having a mosh pit open up right next to me. The good part was the wall of guys that formed around me to protect me from the aforementioned pit. Well, that and the music. 🙂

    I know I kept the programme from the Duran show. I would imagine that in my box of high school memoribilia I have the ticket stub from the Cheap Trick show. For years I had one of the pics that was tossed into the audience in my desk drawer. Whether that made it into the memoribilia box, I don’t know. (I really need to go through that box.)

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      I do remember you talking about that Cheap Trick show! Does sound like a different kind of craziness from Duran Duran. 😉 Dig through that box, you have no idea what might turn up!

  4. Austin Says:

    Well, first of all, I have to say: this why your blog —and you— are awesome. So many blogs out there are just ME-ME-ME-AND-PLEASE-ONLY-COMMENT-IF-IT’S-ABOUT-MEEEEEE!!!! and your invitation to directly participate is a refreshing one.

    Now, to answer the question, I have to say that I’m not entirely sure about my second concert. My first one is very clear: New Kids on the Block at Lawlor Events Center in the winter of 1989/1990. But there is a big lapse in time between the next actual concert I remember going to. It was either a local hip hop showcase in the summer of 1998 or the Jurassic 5 (with Breakestra, Dilated Peoples and the Beat Junkies) the following summer.

    But the local hip hop showcase that I’m thinking of had some acts that I clearly remember and now that I’ve dug up their old CDs, the © dates are all 2000. Funny that, I’d swear that show was before the Jurassic 5 show. Whatever, we’ll just say that Jurassic 5 was technically my second show ever, even though my brain says otherwise.

    It was the first show I attended of my own accord. I was 18. It was the first all ages hip hop show of any worthwhile mention that I can still remember. I remember awful sound issues, maybe two hundred kids in the audience and a slew of new Jurassic 5 material that nobody knew because it was from their (at the time not yet released) Quality Control album. Breakestra, being a band I had never heard before, knocked my socks, as I was heavy into record digging and breakbeats at the time. Dilated Peoples were boring, but fun. The Beat Junkies were the highlight of the evening for me, as they did a 15 minute scratch composition routine that was equal parts technical amazingness and crowd pleasing fun.

    In any case, yeah. An evening of mixed feelings, as most of the music was great, but the constant interruptions due to sound problems was not.

    And I don’t remember a thing about New Kids on the Block. I was nine. I mean, yeah. Ok…??????!?!?!


    • Ned Raggett Says:

      Ha, too kind, thanks — there will be more such ‘audience participation’ posts!

      And what an answer! That’s a great story in a classic mixed emotions vein.

    • Erzsie Says:

      Only one thing wrong about your comment, Austin. NKOTB performed in Reno in Feb 1991. That was the only time they played in Reno. I was 11! LOL

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