Not Just the Ticket — audience question #4

You could save the ticket stubs. You can buy a T-shirt. (And, as many know, I’ve bought a lot of T-shirts.) Other possibilities for mementos exist, but what is the piece of memorabilia that you most treasure from a show you have attended, and why?

In my case I’m not sure. But I’ve saved a couple of things as conversation pieces all these years — one is part of the shattered mikestand base from when Inger Lorre destroyed it at a noontime show at UCLA while she was still with the Nymphs, the other is the decapitated head of Baby Cheevers the talking Cabbage Patch Kid from a Squirrels show earlier this decade.


5 Responses to “Not Just the Ticket — audience question #4”

  1. Chris Barrus Says:

    I still have a guitar pick from the Smithereens’ Jim Babjak that more or less fell on me at a show in 1986, maybe not a treasure but I haven’t lost track of it either. Same with the set list from that Curve show at the Palace.

    To be a total dork, the best memorabilia are the memories (chatting at length with Mary from Stereolab, watching Luna from backstage, everything that happens at Terrastock, and tons tons more)

    Actually, I do use my Stereolab laundry bag everyday – again maybe not treasure, but certainly the most wonderfully utilitarian concert item.

  2. Austin Says:

    That was actually going to be my response, Chris.

    The best things I’ve taken away from shows have been the two or three times I’ve gotten to chat with somebody before/afterwords.

    I’d say the best was when I got to shake hands with James Spaulding between setbreaks when he was sitting with Bobby Hutcherson’s band at Yoshi’s one night.


  3. Robert Ham Says:

    The only thing I can really dredge up is the David Kilgour drawing that I have tucked into an album somewhere. Bought from him not too long ago.

  4. Reed Says:

    I have a ton of stubs, but the answer to this question is quite obvious. At the end of a Fishbone show at the State Theater in Detroit, Fish Fisher (who played with his back to the audience) tossed his sticks over his head into the crowd. I leapt and snatched one out of the air, a great grab. Painted on the stick was the word “Fishsticks” and the Fishbone logo. It was all beat to hell, too. Great end to a great night.

  5. Ned Raggett Says:

    Great responses all here!

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