Not Just the Ticket — audience question #7

Extremely busy week for me here — I hope to have a further entry up on Friday but we’ll see!

So given that — inspired by PDF’s comment in the previous entry about the Fear/Elvis Hitler/Dwarves lineup he saw once, what was your favorite three-band lineup you’ve ever seen? No festivals or anything — only three bands or musicians on the bill and all of them killed. (I’m not totally sure of my answer! But I’ll think on it…)

8 Responses to “Not Just the Ticket — audience question #7”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I’m sure there’s probably others that I’m forgetting but my immediate answer is Shellac.

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      But who else was on the bill? šŸ™‚ (I apologize if the question seems unclear but I’m not talking about just a trio on stage — three separate acts!)

  2. Nathan Says:

    No, you’ve got me there I’m afraid. There was only one other band on the bill, they weren’t that good and I can’t remember their name (although I AM pretty sure that there were 3 of them in the band).

    Upon re-reading it, your question was perfectly clear – I just read it too fast.

  3. mark reed Says:

    Nine Inch Nails
    Jane’s Addiction

  4. ross hoffman Says:

    not necessarily the greatest show, but a very memorable triple-bill (mostly for the unannounced middle act):

    The Moldy Peaches
    They Might Be Giants

  5. Chris R. Says:

    Hum + Swervedriver + The Universal Chrome
    March 11, 1998, House of Blues, New Orleans

    A more recent one would be:
    Achim Kaufmann / Frank Gratkowski / Wilbert De Joode Trio + Charalambides + Alasdair Roberts
    November 28, 2007, Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans

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