Spiced balsamic vinaigrette

Spiced balsamic vinaigrette

So instead of showcasing a full on meal per se, I’d like to demonstrate the ability — and the ease — of creating one’s own dressings, sauces or what have you.

While I still use store-bought dressings here and there — my beloved Avanti Cafe makes two great ones, a citrus miso and a red wine shallot dressing, and I reuse their bottles as shown here — there is something not merely satisfying about making one’s own dressing, but potentially very creative. As with cooking in general, store-bought options are ultimately limited to some degree, where homemade means you can go all over the place.

As per usual, I like some general guidance, and I can’t say I was looking for this recipe in particular, but having found said recipe I was eager to try it. The amount it creates is fairly small, as you can see, but no matter, one can always adjust the portions upward. Meanwhile, the inclusion of both cumin and red pepper flakes with a standard vinaigrette really nicely obviates the need for pepper on one’s salad otherwise, and a little goes a long way. Highly recommended.


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