And the EMP Pop Conference 2010 starts tonight…

Got into Seattle yesterday and have been enjoying life since hanging with good friends and gearing up for the kickoff tonight — the conference link itself is:

There will be any amount of coverage online from attendees; as per my usual practice I will attempt to do a liveblog of the sessions I’m at, but as in the past there’s no way I can cover everything given all the overlapping sessions! (I’m already regretting having to miss presentations by Christine Balance and Alexandra Vasquez due to the simple fact that their panel is on at the same time mine is!) I do have a tendency to search out lower profile panels and presentations just because there’s often some excellent stuff to be found there flying a bit under the radar.

I’m also crossing my fingers that the cell phone coverage has improved in the building. Perhaps. (If not, it’s likely I’ll be uploading thoughts a panel at a time or so.)

Anyway, opening reception tonight followed by the keynote discussion with Nile Rodgers, Janelle Monae and Joe Henry! If you’re in the area, swing by!


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