Tomato frog!

And oodles of them.

Story is here is that a friend who likes to organize ‘expeditions’ as she calls them got together a small group of people to go see this exhibit at the Muzeo over in Anaheim. So after a good Original Pancake House breakfast off we went — had a great time! My full set of photos is up but in the meantime, enjoy some samples!
Chinese gliding frogs
African bullfrog
Ornate horned frog
Waxy monkey frog
Dart poison frogs
Dart poison frog faceoff!


4 Responses to “Frogs!”

  1. Minna Says:

    I want the red frog (looks like a crab), and the blue one–hell, give me one of each color!

    And, the pancakes look amazing, too. I just Googled them, and there’s one 15 minutes from my house. Score!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Get the feeling that blue frog is either falling in love with the photographer or challenging him to a duel?

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