And a quick report from Charleston

For now! (Also, if you just want to check the photos, the rolling set will be here; having a little trouble linking some specific examples right now but I’ll edit them in later.)

The piazza, again

So two years ago I posted more detailed thoughts on the place — this time around, instead of being the place to relax after a busy start to a vacation, this was the busy start, at least for the first few days! This was because my cousin Andrew was — at last! — marrying Leigh, the love of his life.

Near the reception

It’s been a very, very hot few days here — I remember the humidity from last time, but this has had a couple of near blistering moments thanks to the heat and water and all. So I’ve spent a lot of time bouncing back and forth between wedding events, visits and hunkering down at where we’ve been staying watching the World Cup. (Good way to pass the time — and it’s handy to be on this coast given the time zone difference, it must be said.)

Near the lowcountry boil

Thursday night I came straight from the airport — after a connection in Atlanta which has now reminded me why I should never visit that airport again — to the first of three big wedding events, a lowcountry boil at Andrew’s uncle’s daughter’s place. (There’s a shorthand for that I’m sure.) The food was unsurprisingly wonderful and though I felt a bit bedraggled since I didn’t have the chance to quickly shower and clean up from the flights everything felt reasonably casual and the company was excellent.

The rehearsal dinner

Friday brought the rehearsal dinner, held like the boil and the wedding itself in Mt. Pleasant, where Leigh was raised and her parents still live. Held in the looks-old-but-is-new area of I’on — and yes, the apostrophe is part of the name — all I’ll say is: great scenery, great food and an open bar. And a few stories told about Andrew and Leigh, often to the former’s slight embarrassment. (Not as embarrassing as being iced, though — and that happened. Twice. I wasn’t surprised…)

At the reception

Saturday: the wedding itself, as picture perfect as one could want (though we were not asked to take photos, so — didn’t matter, I just wanted to watch it all and enjoy). The reception, held down on the water, was a nice revel…and yeah, once again, the food was exquisite. I could have stayed out at the oyster and other lowcountry eats bar on the lawn the whole time, except even after sundown I needed to go back and forth between that and the more formal events inside, where it was air-conditioned — a most important consideration.

Andrew, Leigh and their cake

Yesterday involved meeting old friends from our family’s Saratoga Springs days, the Rigots, who now live in Georgia and came up for a fine lunch, while today was a trip over to the South Carolina Aquarium to see various critters, a nice little trip — and again, air-conditioned. Have I mentioned that?

At the aquarium

In all seriousness this has been a great way to simply decompress from a hectic work year, attend a long-planned family event and, simply, relax. Turns out I won’t be entirely relaxing tonight — my train on the Silver Meteor/Palmetto line is, perhaps true to form, running late, and I might not leave until 1 am or so tonight (or heaven help me, later!). But I’m still due to arrive tomorrow afternoon in NYC for a quick couple of days, and if my sleep on the train might be fitful, my sleep tomorrow night will be plenty sound!


And at the least, I’ll be able to listen to tomorrow’s games via my phone, so hey.

More in a few days!

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