Another cucumber salad plus a little more

Salad, noodles and more

So following on from my post of the other day, my friend Anji Bee noted over on Facebook that she’d done a Japanese variant on a cucumber salad, involving rice vinegar, soy sauce and seaweed. She mentioned aji nori furikake whereas I only had kizami nori around but as I did have that plus the other ingredients, I felt I should give it a whirl.

But this was also a classic case of wanting to clear out a couple of things before my next basket tomorrow. I had no tomatoes left but I did have a bit of tofu I wanted to finish up, already baked and marinated. So I chopped up some to mix with the salad as it stood, while the rest I mixed with some buckwheat noodles I had left that had been cooked then chilled, topped with some soba sauce and a sprinkling of ichimi togarashi for bite. The result — perfectly filling while not being too heavy. And again, in warm weather, a cool meal is the way to go!


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