The Faraday Trippers at UCI, July 14 2010

Faraday Trippers

So I had a chance to meet the Faraday Trippers — the core of Mike and Pat plus newer member Bryce — at Bottled Smoke back in May. Mike runs Seagrass Recordings, who have released the various Faraday-associated recordings so far; the band itself is an all-theremin bunch.

We had a great dinner beforehand and then headed over to UCI for the show, organized by the ever-capable Acrobatics Everyday, with the band being an opener for Mahjongg. To quote myself from Twitter:

Very enjoyable show from the start — while there’s a similar all-theremin base as with the Lothars, extra percussion via bells tambourines and chimes adds a certain unexpected collage, an extra layer of rich sound. Bryce plays very subtly on his theremin, Mike is more motion-heavy, and Pat maintains steadier tones, creating a rich variety….The shift in approach as the piece continues is notable; Bryce’s percussion/drone is more frenetic, Pat’s more busy.

A full Flickr set here if you’d like to look further! That’s Bryce and Mike in silhouette at the start of this blog entry.


7 Responses to “The Faraday Trippers at UCI, July 14 2010”

  1. Jon B. Says:

    Pat sent me a CD a while back. Good stuff and cool that they’ve since added a third.

    I wish they’d just gone ahead and called the band Lothars West, though.

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      I like the idea of franchising.

    • Mike Scholtz Says:

      Hi Jon and Ned — Of course Pat and I love and were initially inspired by the mighty Lothars. (I’m not sure Bryce has heard the Lothars yet — he’s more closely acquainted with Black Metal and doom drone). But I think the Faraday Trippers are fundamentally approaching the theremin from a different creative direction — unlike the Lothars, we emphasize free improv and noise manipulation, and lately have been exploring a more ritualistic sort of heavy psych. Our principle has always been to avoid both traditional theremin sounds and science fiction/postwar modernist tropes so often associated with the instrument, while I credit the Lothars with bringing those aspects of the theremin forward into a contemporary context. So I think “Lothars West” would be a bit of false advertising — and I don’t think we could really sound like the Lothars if we tried! Best regards, Mike

  2. mike Says:

    Hi gents — Ned, I hope you’re still goint to make it up to the On Land festival in San Francisco. The Faraday Trippers are playing a house show the night before the festival starts up, along with Queen Victoria, Swanox and Weltschmerz. It’ll be at 3150 18th st (at Treat), starting at 9:00 on Wednesday, Sept.1, so if you make it up north a day early, stop on by. And Jon, of course if you happen to be flying out, we’d be delighted if you’d come see us!

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