A general note on a new OC Weekly thing I’m doing

Though it’s actually been running for some weeks now! I’ve linked it in over on Facebook a few times but it’s called Beat Blvd., and it’s a once-a-week review via the overall Heard Mentality blog of a new release by a local act, whoever it might be and whatever might be released (7″, tape, CD…as noted, whatever it might be!).

I came up with the name as a reference to the legendary Beach Blvd. compilation on Posh Boy — TinyMixTapes had an appreciation up about it a while back — and so far it’s been pretty fun. Last couple of weeks have been about the healthy Anglophilic strain that the area’s always had due to recent releases by Cat Party and Northern Labour Party (lots of parties, really) but there’s more to come in other areas and all. Might see about expanding it out a bit — we’ll see!

AMG reviews as we head into fall…

And another large batch here. I really need to try and be more timely with these updates…

The garden on Sept. 24, 2010

Another late entry here but as mentioned in my previous post, very busy week, this. Anyway:

And as ever, some new photos:

A rose

Molokhiya and shiso


It being a very very busy week…

…enjoy a sunrise photo, including a hawk:

Dawn!  Hawk!

Various links and updates and things later, I hope. Not Just the Ticket will probably restart again next week once it all settles down some.