Chard salad with pomegranate and honey mustard vinaigrette

Chard salad

And hurrah for serendipity. So for the first time I’d received a pomegranate in my latest basket the other week, though I wasn’t too sure what to do with it. I’d had some juice before but never worked with the fruit itself, so I set it aside with a ‘well I’ll get back to it’ thought.

Meantime I had a slew of chard to deal with as well. In searching for kale salad recipes, though, I found this recipe via the Not Eating out in New York blog, and even though it’s using Tuscan kale instead of chard, nothing ventured nothing gained! The great part was that it included pomegranate even though I hadn’t been using that as a search term, so I took it as an omen.

Chard and kale, while close enough, aren’t quite the same thing, but I’ve had good enough experience with both in its raw state that I figured it couldn’t hurt to substitute and see what happened. This was all very easy to prepare — strips and cut the leaves finely, get the seeds from the pomegranate, mix up the vinaigrette, toss and eat.


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