Roasted broccoli with lemon

Roasted broccoli with lemon

So this was a simple and handy lunch, building on a suggestion with my latest basket mailout. There’s not really much to this recipe, which is part of the point! Basically chop up some broccoli and toss with olive oil — 4 cups of broccoli means about 1 tbsp olive oil — as well as salt and/or pepper as desired. I also added some sliced almonds in this case. Then roast up on a baking sheet in an oven at 450 for about ten minutes and you’re good, with the lemon adding some last minute garnish and flavor. Give it a whirl!

Enjoying a Saturday — especially sunset

Nothing major here but yesterday was a great little trip up to LA and back, resulting in:

* A lovely morning in Anaheim:


* An excellent brunch at the Mercantile on Sunset with friends (I had the smoked trout):

Smoked trout

* A great haul of Amoeba clearance section stuff:

Amoeba results

* And the real kicker — a great trip home for beautiful sunset photos:





So yeah, no complaints!