Enjoying a Saturday — especially sunset

Nothing major here but yesterday was a great little trip up to LA and back, resulting in:

* A lovely morning in Anaheim:


* An excellent brunch at the Mercantile on Sunset with friends (I had the smoked trout):

Smoked trout

* A great haul of Amoeba clearance section stuff:

Amoeba results

* And the real kicker — a great trip home for beautiful sunset photos:





So yeah, no complaints!


5 Responses to “Enjoying a Saturday — especially sunset”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I spy (and wholeheartedly endorse) David J, Team Sleep, Neil Michael Hagerty/The Howling Hex, Robert Wyatt, Tanakh and several others!

  2. Steve Says:

    Looks like a good haul at Amoeba. I spy two Charlatans UK releases, a couple of great Acetone releases, and a much-overlooked solid album from The Earthmen. The Komeda CD was somewhat disappointing to me after a great live show I saw, but perhaps I need to revisit it. I haven’t heard the name Zuzu’s Petals in ages…need to dig out my copy of their EP. And Mary Timony? Great artist! All-in-all it looks like you had fun. Envious!

  3. Austin Says:

    The Grotto! I saw that tour!

    Everyone should listen to that album at least once a week forever.


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