Not Just the Ticket will be on a slower pace for a bit

Nothing major, it’s just that the time of year — and the time of the quarter! — means other commitments, in this case also including some further writing work for the OC Weekly and elsewhere. I’ll hope to have another entry or two up this week; it’ll probably stay at that rate for much of the rest of the year. (If anything I also want to metaphorically catch my breath — all that work does eventually wear you out some!) Plenty of good/great/strange shows from 1994 to talk about in the next few entries, though…

2 Responses to “Not Just the Ticket will be on a slower pace for a bit”

  1. David Parkinson Says:

    I’ll look forward to the return of NJtT and comfort myself in the meantime with snapshots of food & whatnot.

    NJtT is a great feature for me, since it covers many of the bands I followed during a 6-yr period when I saw next to no live music. Good retrospective vicarious pleasure.

    • Ned Raggett Says:

      Thanks and too kind! It’s not flat out disappearing of course, but three long posts a week was starting to become a bit of a slog — it’ll probably return to that pace again towards January or so, but we’ll see about what other work starts up in the meantime.

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