Some days it’s all about the random things people come up with

Like this over on ILX:


Tip of the hat to joygoat over there. Anyway I’d like to thank Cyberdyne for the initial assistance…


Some end of November photos

Just a few shots here and there of what turned out to be a blissful few days celebrating Thanksgiving — and time off!

Palms in sunset

The Korean friendship bell housing detail

Yet another Flying Saucer Attack style cover

Sunset over Chevron

More of the Korean friendship bell

A sunset observed

Tuscan Swiss chard and bread soup

Tuscan Swiss chard and bread soup

A little overexposed but you get the idea! Used some homemade beet stock for the base and the rest you can find via this recipe I stumbled across. Using the bread in this fashion was damn tasty, I have to say…

The garden on November 26, 2010

No photos but some video! The big cleanup and prep for winter planting was done so there’s actually not much to see — but it does look ready to go now!