Some gentle resolutions

Some late clouds

And with a late afternoon like that, who can’t help being contemplative?

This isn’t meant to be a completely in-depth plumbing of my current state of mind or anything but I am looking towards a less frenetic 2011 as I focus my attention on a variety of things that have been either hanging fire or developing in new directions. Part of that means a slightly different way of working with the blog here in the context of my other writing, in large part because I think my experiment with some near-constant writing cycles throughout last year, while productive, was also often very exhausting. The fact that I’m not fully ready — or even interested — in charging back into all that in a new year is one of those signs that I need to honor my state of mind rather than trying to fight it more, especially as I find myself working with the consumption of music and many other art forms in new ways than I have in the past.

In general, though, expect a slower pace throughout the year; certainly I doubt Not Just the Ticket will ever return to the near three-times-a-week level I had it going there for a while. Once a week is much more likely at this point, allowing a little more time and distance to let some of the stories percolate a bit more. This will echo over as well into other areas, but I can pretty well say that regular writing for the AMG will continue as ever as well as my OC Weekly work, not least because they’re paying assignments; beyond that it’ll probably be a bit more sporadic, allowing me a chance to work on three larger writing projects — one of which could be very elaborate indeed — that will all hopefully emerge in greater detail over the next year, and which require more concentrated attention than I’ve been able to provide for a while. Updates and links, as ever, will be provided and posted.

And of course there will always be new recipes, garden visits, occasional photographs and more to share, plus whatever else crosses my mind. 2010 was in many ways a much bigger year for me than I’ve discussed on the blog but then again, a blog is not everything, however much I do indeed ponder it all.


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