A quick catch-up note

It’s been a while since a post and for a good reason — there’s not much inclination to write anything when you’ve been sick. The slow grinding bug that’s been going around hit me last week and pretty much knocked me out for most of it, took a few days off work and just rested and recuperated. I’ve had worse, oddly enough, but I’ve never had anything quite so sluggish in terms of impact. I suspect I’ll still have this cough for a while to come.

Still, if I had to have some kind of flu this year I’m glad that for once it wasn’t during Christmas.

Anyway — writing work continues, I’ll have more links to articles and projects soon; for now, please enjoy this interview I did with Peter Koppes of the Church. Still very cheesed I had to miss their LA show because of that damn stupid bug I mentioned but hey, that’s flu season for ya…