AMG reviews through mid-March

And yeah, some major catchup here! A lot of great records have been coming out…

Jane Kennaway — IOU
Fabio Orsi — Stand Up Before Me, Oh My Soul
Roger O’Donnell — Songs From the Silver Box
Ellen Allien — Dust Remixes
Kiila — Silmät Sulkaset
Goddamn Electric Bill — Jazz
Ancient Astronauts — Into Bass and Time
Korperschwache — Evil Walks
The Flowers of Hell — O
Canasta — The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather
Slumberwood — Yawling Night Songs
Belong — Common Era
Autumn’s Grey Solace — Eifelian
Demdike Stare — Voices of Dust
Demdike Stare — Liberation Through Hearing
Demdike Stare — Forest of Evil
Chaim — Alive

A garden catchup — planting has begun!

The past few weeks have mostly been about maintenance rather than anything else but growing season was coming soon. I’ve been taking various photos and videos along the way but rather than link them all I’ll just point you to my YouTube channel and my Flickr set for the moment.

The big change was this past weekend, however, with the actual planting taking place. My most recent video was taken a few days later, and has me explaining what’s been planted where:

So at this point forward it’ll be about the usual care and maintenance, and the hopes that things will take — we’ve got a good garden visit schedule worked out and there’s some rain due this weekend as well, so it’ll all continue from there!