AMG reviews through mid-March

And yeah, some major catchup here! A lot of great records have been coming out…

Jane Kennaway — IOU
Fabio Orsi — Stand Up Before Me, Oh My Soul
Roger O’Donnell — Songs From the Silver Box
Ellen Allien — Dust Remixes
Kiila — Silmät Sulkaset
Goddamn Electric Bill — Jazz
Ancient Astronauts — Into Bass and Time
Korperschwache — Evil Walks
The Flowers of Hell — O
Canasta — The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather
Slumberwood — Yawling Night Songs
Belong — Common Era
Autumn’s Grey Solace — Eifelian
Demdike Stare — Voices of Dust
Demdike Stare — Liberation Through Hearing
Demdike Stare — Forest of Evil
Chaim — Alive

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