Some end of March AMG reviews…

Into spring we go with a mix of old and new:

Sister Crayon — Bellow
Deaf Center — Owl Splinters
Secret Cities — Strange Hearts
Roommate — Guilty Rainbow
Mike Gibbons — Marigolds
Dinosaur Bones — My Divider
Stinking Lizaveta — Sacrifice and Bliss
PFFR — United We Doth

Two recent cooking experiments

Of sorts — the other day, unsure of what to do with a green panther cauliflower I had, I scrounged up this recipe for a spicy/strong cauliflower pasta. Did a couple of adaptations — no anchovies, for a start — but the end result was mighty fine, and really, whatever the sauce/seasonings you want to be is what counts. Going whole wheat with the pasta never hurts either:

Cauliflower pasta

Last night, meantime, having caught up on a variety of work and at a slightly loose end, I wanted to bake something to use up some ingredients and decided to go the savory muffin route. I turned up a recipe for something called fabulous fargozas — and while I suspect the name is some random thing dreamed up by someone, it is pretty nice. Had no mozzarella to hand so the only cheese was the parmesan, but it did work — also used almond milk instead of the real thing:


Now to ponder what next…

The garden on March 29, 2011

Things are really starting to kick in — all that rain last week was perfect to help encourage things to start growing, and now the radishes are no longer alone: