Puree of turnip soup

Puree of turnip soup

Radishes I’m good with but turnips sometimes leave me uninspired. But a scrounge last night turned up this recipe, so a little experimenting later and this was the result, plus another batch for another night. The garnish in this case was some cayenne pepper to add extra bite as well as some roasted seaweed. Not bad, really!


6 Responses to “Puree of turnip soup”

  1. Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide Says:

    That garnish is the coolest thing I’ve seen today. Sounds like a great soup.

  2. John Doran Says:

    Is that soup supposed to look like a True Norwegian Black Metal logo?

  3. Donna Says:

    Hi, Ned –

    I saw your photos of Rancho Los Alamitos this morning. They are lovely. I was especially dazzled when I saw that they were taken with your cell phone! Won’t you be so
    kind as to post them on the Rancho’s Facebook page?

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