Some new OC Weekly work…

…and there’ll be more forthcoming, just putting up a couple of links:

* First, Beat Blvd continues as ever, with my most recent entry being on Yorba Linda’s Roman Candles:

The sense of hesitancy and looking back doesn’t dedicate itself to four years of partying, though. A song like “666” looks back at birth and upbringing in Tustin and Orange, although the narrator, in this case, is the devil. (Seems appropriate, really.) There’s plenty more wry humor throughout, despite a blunt song title like “Molestation Is Not a Joke.” Who could blame him when he notes that he wishes the rent was free?

* Meantime, a quick piece on what to do this weekend in OC when everyone else is busy somewhere else in the world…

We feel your pain. Not the pain of all of you about to head out to Indio in order to see the antlike figures onstage from a distance play an amazing unexpected cover version (that will be on YouTube five minutes after they perform it), while some very drunk individual pours a combination of warm beer, extra sunblock and suspect other fluids on you while going on very loudly about how dubstep changed their life. As noted, we don’t feel that pain, we acknowledge it.


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