A little time for a change

As anyone who still idly visits here notes, the blog has been essentially in abeyance for a while now — real life, other foci, and so forth.

But I have been plenty busy on the Net, just not here.  For that reason, and partially because my own style seems to be more open to using it at this point rather than in the tentative fashion I had in the past, I’m formally putting this site on mothballs in order to see what working with my Tumblr page more thoroughly results in.  Feel free to visit — I’ll try to at least be a touch more active there!

Meantime the other linked sites to the left there are where you can happily find me as well — and I may yet return here, who knows!

And it’s back to the garden for 2012

And yes, hello again all — been a few months on the blog here but life’s been full!  Anyway, yesterday our bunch got everything ready for a new growing year and as ever I had to make a video about it…

EMP Pop Conference 2011 — weekend presentations

So pretty much, just for ease and interaction, I’ll be firing off my coverage of EMP on Twitter. Lots of folks are doing the same so join us — #PopCon2011 is what to search for! A change but a good one — I’ve been able to pass on some questions from there to the panelists directly!

Views from Oroville and Chico

Went upstate for a quick visit this past weekend to an area north of Sacramento I’ve never really been before except sort of once, and these particular spots not at all. My mom actually spent much of her younger life in Yuba City but she’s insistent that there’s no real need to go back there specifically — confirmed by various sources in the area — so I can’t expect a family return trip any time in the near future. But both Oroville and Chico provided a lot of spectacular views and sights — the full Flickr set can be perused but here’s a few samples:

Oroville Dam

Skies over Oroville

Cherokee Cemetery, Oroville

A view from the cemetery

A view from Table Mountain

A view from a Chico park

A bridge near Lake Oroville

Some AMG reviews for May

Just keeping up with the times…

EMP Pop Conference 2009 — Oh! Industry, Oh! Diane, Oh! Ann

Liveblogging the Diane Warren keynote turned out to be impossible due to my phone almost dying but I was able to sneak off a few tweets like this:

“Ann Powers has mentioned the word poptimists to Diane Warren. The worlds are become one. Oh and Diane is a perfect raconteur!”

“Oh and Diane saying that a record label guy saying a song would not be a hit because “kids don’t know what moonlight is” = comedy!”

“Diane Warren trash-talking about Cher’s attitude = amazing. “Whatever, I got paid!””

“Diane Warren on power ballads: “It’s a vampire! You’d have to put a stake through its heart!” Gotta say this has been a great time!”

And it was. Nothing more to add but this photo featuring Diane Warren, Ann Powers and the Oh! Industry folks, who said if I didn’t send them the photo they would complain. And I wouldn’t want them to complain!

Sunrise over Costa Mesa

I just happened to turn around on my way to the bus stop and saw this. I love the fact that I can capture moments like this on the fly and share it with the world as desired — gotta love the 21st century.