Angel hair pasta with gremolata

Angel hair pasta with gremolata

Gremolata being a lemon/parsley/garlic sauce. This grew out of the fact I had both some lemons and parsley left over from my latest basket and was unsure what to do with them. A quick scrounge on the Net turned up this recipe and it was a simple enough matter to whip this up from scratch. A light taste that’s not so light as to be nonexistent, a good balance all around and the parmesan just rightly sends it over the top.


Angel hair pasta with broccoli raab, pine nuts and currants

The other night I adapted this from a pasta penne recipe here — not bad, I should have added a little something more to it spicewise, though. The fact that it was angel hair instead of penne doubtless had an impact but since I lacked penne I had to go with what I had, so there ya are!