Caldo verde for a third time

So this time around the kale was chopped much more finely, but I think I had too much water in the broth. Even so, still very tasty, with the oil mixed more properly this time!

Now you might ask, why all the focus on this one dish? Easy — consider how all my various entries I’ve made on food over time have all seemed like one-offs. In a number of cases they are, but it’s more accurate to say that one’s work with a recipe is always subject to revision — on the one hand you might want to perfect the approach to an ingredient or an overall mix, on the other hand you might just want to aim it more towards one’s own particular taste. Recipes and what you cook aren’t necessarily fixed in stone, and sometimes require improvisation and experimentation.


Caldo verde, redux

So when I did my first attempt at caldo verde I was pleased enough with the results. Turns out, though, that somebody who really knew her caldo verde noticed my post, as well as noticed that what I had made wasn’t really caldo verde.

Isabel, who is herself Portuguese, clearly knows her food in general and her spirit of cooking for herself when she likes fits in perfectly with my own way of things, so I was very interested to read her post and follow-up emails. I’ll quote her comment here:

Caldo Verde is extremely simple (and delicious), the only problem is that you need one specific type of cabbage. There:

So, you peel some potatoes and boil them with a little salt, moosh them thoroughly (it should not be be thick, but not too watery), bring to boil again and then add the cabbage cut in veeeeeery thin slices or strips. Bring to boil again and leave it boiling maybe no more than 5 minutes, add a good spoonful of olive oil and stop the heat. Add the sausage if you want and eat it as soon as possible. It should look like this:

The kale that I used in this preparation isn’t necessarily the cabbage Isabel notes, I think, but it’s a good big leafy one, and I think I definitely got closer! I should have mixed in the olive oil more, though. Turned out very nicely in any event — thanks Isabel!

Caldo verde

A Portuguese soup, I gather — found the recipe here. Added some vegetable broth concentrate for color and flavor, and turned out very nicely, a clear soup that was still somehow rich.