A nice late February sunrise…

…as captured yesterday. (At home today due to a schedule change.) As I mutter from time to time, being up early sometimes has its advantages!

Storm remnants over a forthcoming dawn

A bit of a sequel to yesterday’s photo, around the same time of day but looking a different direction twenty-four hours later. Supposed to be clear the rest of the week but we’ll see…

Meanwhile, some recent random iPhone photos

Starting with an SF trip ringer, the rest being from down here:

Foggy in SF

Tree against a dusty sunset

Fogbound in OC

A lovely dawn

Vapor trails in a late February morning

The switch to Daylight Savings will actually prevent shots like these for a little while but that’s why I’m snapping them now as I can.

Soon after this I snapped two others around campus for a bit of a dawn triptych, kinda:

Sun hitting Aldrich Hall

Godray action

A chilly dawn at UCI…

…not as cold as yesterday. But quite beautiful in any event — there was another blast of rain last night and today the sky will be scrubbed clean again…

New day rising

Taken yesterday on the way in to work. A lucky chance. I’ll have more to post later today!

An early December morning

It’s a familiar view but the colors were just right, so a photo had to be taken…

A day before Thanksgiving dawn

Busy last couple of days at work and at home (writing deadlines at all) so hurrah for a little peace. Hope your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, is a grand one!

Dawn, just

Scenes like this are why I don’t mind getting up early, really. Though that said I rather enjoy sleeping in on the weekends when the mood is right.

Lights on the corner in an early Costa Mesa morning

Nothing major about this shot, really — but I like both the mix of colors and the slightly smeary quality off the iPhone camera.