ILX update for June 1

I think I might need to red flag the fact that is where to go for more information. So, it is. Go there.

This said, Stet has posted today with this:

I still need to get more details on the sponsorship situation, but we’re definitely OK until the end of June. While we’re down some updated code and database changes are going in (and the offsite backups are being brought up to date), so when that’s finished we’ll be back. If everything goes smoothly, it’ll be days, not weeks.

We’ll hopefully be back by the time I know more about hosting, but if not I’ll post more here. Thanks to everyone who emailed so far.

And, at present at least, the site is back, though this may change for updates as Stet notes.


ILX update — go to for more

Stet has set this up for all and sundry so more immediate information will be available there from here on in: is indeed down…

…but not out; however, the situation is a little involved. Here’s a formal note from the mods for now:

Paperthinwalls were paying for our hosting. They were bought by another organization who are now no longer willing to pay for our hosting, so we can no longer run ILX until we can figure out an alternative arrangement. We hope to have more information available to everyone in the near future.

I’ll post said further information as available. Feel free to post questions in comments — and, if you are serious about it and have the access/bandwidth to offer or know of an arrangement that will work, let me know privately and I will forward it along.

[EDIT: Snoball in comments notes that this backup forum is still going for now, so thanks to Ed for setting it up last year and for it not going away!

As you were, etc.]