A great article about an old friend, Eric J. Lawrence

This was an absolute pleasure to see today in the OC Weekly — had I known Dave was going to be doing a story on him, I would have let him know! Eric and I met at KLA in UCLA back in 1989 or so and we were part of a close group of folks who hung around during our undergrad days at the station, including Steve and Kris, who I’m still in (slightly irregular!) contact with.

Eric and I keep running into each other over the years, and at one point he and I, along with friend Chris and Chelsea, made a hilariously ridiculous 24-hour drive up to Seattle for Terrastock IV and then, a few days later, a similar drive back after it was over. Last time we properly talked was one of his legendary Halloween parties a couple of years back — definitely need to drop him a line now!

So read the article and by all means check out his show — KCRW‘s best treasure, on midnight Monday to 3 am Tuesday Pacific Time.