A great article about an old friend, Eric J. Lawrence

This was an absolute pleasure to see today in the OC Weekly — had I known Dave was going to be doing a story on him, I would have let him know! Eric and I met at KLA in UCLA back in 1989 or so and we were part of a close group of folks who hung around during our undergrad days at the station, including Steve and Kris, who I’m still in (slightly irregular!) contact with.

Eric and I keep running into each other over the years, and at one point he and I, along with friend Chris and Chelsea, made a hilariously ridiculous 24-hour drive up to Seattle for Terrastock IV and then, a few days later, a similar drive back after it was over. Last time we properly talked was one of his legendary Halloween parties a couple of years back — definitely need to drop him a line now!

So read the article and by all means check out his show — KCRW‘s best treasure, on midnight Monday to 3 am Tuesday Pacific Time.

Meanwhile over in the UK — “A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou”

I’ve mentioned my love and admiration for the fine crew at Freaky Trigger for a while now, and Mark Sinker of that parish referred me to their newest radio project on Resonance FM, “A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou”:

A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou will delve deep into the science fiction short stories of SF’s Golden and Silver Ages. The pulp and avant-garde writing of c.1935-65 has fallen out of public memory; hosts ELISHA SESSIONS and MARK SINKER and their astounding guests* will return to this forgotten motherlode, once bedrock of the entire field. Eli will read evocative extracts, then quiz Mark and guest on authors, styles, subtexts sexual and political, technique, value, impact and legacy, plus changing fashions and meanings in backdrop, tech and alien allure — and anything else that pops into their pulsating crystalline brain-lobes.

As you can guess, this is perfect grist for the mill for at least one of my regular readers (hi dere QuartzCity!) and doubtless many others as well. Elisha and Mark are a great team and great folks, and this will likely be the most entertainingly informed coverage on this subject for a long time to come. Check it out!

[UPDATE — mostly unrelated but this enjoyable interview today with John Darnielle via io9 touches on sf and other genres as it relates to his work, both musically and in his writing]