Meantime, a slew of recent OC Weekly work

Been busier than I realized there! Beat Blvd. work is continuing, including recent releases from Halle Ford, Her Voice Remains and the Wingard Manor.

Meantime, today my feature story on Sharon Van Etten ran — very personable in the interview, quite excellent music all around. A sample:

When Sharon Van Etten plays Detroit Bar on Saturday evening, the New York-based, New Jersey- and Kentucky-raised performer will be taking another step in what has been both a hectic tour schedule and a meteoric rise. Having recently returned from a European tour opening for the National, she’s due to complete sessions for her third album in the next few months, not to mention summer shows, festival appearances and more. It’s almost a wonder she has a chance to breathe, but, she says, just the fact her success exists is breathtaking enough.

“Every time people just show up to a concert is amazing. Or when someone recognizes me on the street—’Are you Sharon?!’ ‘ . . . Yeah?’—it really makes me tear up a bit,” she says. “My favorite shows are the intimate ones, where the audience all knows why they’re there. Opening for the National was the biggest set of shows I’ve played in my life, from 1,000 to 8,000 people. I need to learn how to be comfortable in that environment. I want to relate to more people musically, so I need to not be nervous about the crap!”

And then…Rebecca Black. First as a detailed blog post with video clips, then a week later in the print version with a slightly edited version. Good fun to write it all — and on the subject of her, Mackro’s post is a definite must read, more so than mine!

Anyway, onward and along…