Storm remnants over a forthcoming dawn

A bit of a sequel to yesterday’s photo, around the same time of day but looking a different direction twenty-four hours later. Supposed to be clear the rest of the week but we’ll see…

My beautiful morning

Sure it was a return to work and all but I gotta say:

Lovely morning 1

Lovely morning 2

Lovely morning 3

Lovely morning 4

That made the walk in from the bus stop more than slightly worth it. Happy New Year indeed, once more.

And some random photos from the last day and a half

Gardening, weather, friends — it all came together. So enjoy!





Tara, Y, Stripey, sky!


...and sunrise

My past Friday afternoon

Summed up. Some days you just want to chill, after all. (And that’s been my goal the entire weekend and so it’s proved, with a nice exception being the pretty good Indian Jewelry show last night on campus.) Hope your own weekend’s been equally nice.

February 2009’s last sunset

And there you go. I wish I had my camera with me the other night when the moon and Venus were in conjunction — I knew the iPhone camera wouldn’t be good enough, really — but this makes up for it.

Vapor trails in a late February morning

The switch to Daylight Savings will actually prevent shots like these for a little while but that’s why I’m snapping them now as I can.

Soon after this I snapped two others around campus for a bit of a dawn triptych, kinda:

Sun hitting Aldrich Hall

Godray action

A chilly dawn at UCI…

…not as cold as yesterday. But quite beautiful in any event — there was another blast of rain last night and today the sky will be scrubbed clean again…

New day rising

Taken yesterday on the way in to work. A lucky chance. I’ll have more to post later today!

It was a great day for photos

This first one was taken while over on the other side of campus in the early morning, coming back from the medical plaza. A couple of minutes later I took this one:

And much later in the day, coming home from work:

Gotta say again, the iPhone can really take some good shots if you know how to work with it…

Aldrich Hall in the wind

One of several shots this morning taken as the Santa Ana winds around here suddenly picked up in full. Even crazier this morning. It’s wildfire season now, so those blue skies might not stay so blue…