Some mid-June AMG reviews

More or less:

Horseback — The Gorgon Tongue
Ryan Garbes — Sweet Hassle
Mist — House
Forma — Forma
Agnes Obel — Philharmonics
Arnaud Rebotini — Someone Gave Me Religion
When Saints Go Machine — Konkylie
Steve Roach — The Road Eternal
The Rosebuds — Loud Planes Fly Low
Hospital Ships — Lonely Twin

Mid-January, time for AMG reviews…

…allowing for a slight holiday delay earlier:

Some mid-October AMG reviews

Just linking the most recent batch…

A LONG-overdue AMG review catchup

Hooboy, where have I been. Well, busy as noted, but I wanted to at least get this together while I could. The biggest review I’ve done for them lately has easily been the one for Sounds of the Universe by Depeche Mode, thanks to the profile of the group in question and all that. (Debuted at #3 on the charts in the US, not bad!) But as ever there’s a lot of different reviews out there I’ve done…

An AMG review catchup

First of the year here but this covers the last three months, mostly!

Some new 2008 AMG reviews

And off we go again:

And much more to come!