Malabar spinach soup

I should preface this with a description of malabar spinach, which my friend Y is growing in the garden:

Malabar spinach

As Wikipedia says, it’s a plant that appears under a number of different names; much like the molokhiya which I suggested for the garden this year, it’s heavy with the mucilage so it’s got both sticky leaves and acts as a thickener for soups, as well as being protein-rich. All a good sign!

Meantime, the previous evening I made a standard batch of vegetable stock from a variety of things in my fridge that needed cooking; having frozen most of it I kept one batch fresh for some sort of use. Given I had some of the malabar spinach leaves courtesy of Y I wanted to see if there was a basic soup recipe I could whip up. Turns out there is — in fact there are a ton of basic recipes I was able to find, selecting this one after reading it over a bit, enjoying the story of how the leaves are described and used.

So with that as the guide, some soba noodles to hand and a little prep and cooking:

Malabar spinach soup

Quite delicious, very flavorful, with the stock, noodles and leaves all blending deliciously. Will definitely be trying this one again sometime!