And the best thing about Easter if you’re me

All the candy’s cheap tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s been having a good day — this weekend has been rest, recuperation and more, god knows I’ve needed it. It’s beautiful outside and I’m looking forward to either trying out an old recipe I like or else trying a new one for the hell of it — we’ll see how I feel — but either way it’ll make a great dinner. Spring’s here and my mood is already well on the up.

More books, music, politics and more to talk and think about soon, trust me — including a couple of fine purchases I snagged for free yesterday at Amoeba…


Sunday in San Juan Capistrano

This past Sunday I ended up down in San Juan Capistrano, one of the more enjoyable spots in OC (though not without its problems). It’s been a long time since I actually visited the place so taking the opportunity to go down there with a friend (and catch up with other acquaintances who lived there now and/or came down as well from elsewhere in the county) made for a lovely day out. A couple of photos — and yes, there’s a petting zoo near the center of town:

A tree grows in SJC

Honestly, don't do stuff like this.

Guinea pigs all in a row...