Mid-December AMG reviews

Including a Christmas album, but of course…

Some end of November photos

Just a few shots here and there of what turned out to be a blissful few days celebrating Thanksgiving — and time off!

Palms in sunset

The Korean friendship bell housing detail

Yet another Flying Saucer Attack style cover

Sunset over Chevron

More of the Korean friendship bell

A sunset observed

Sometimes you get lucky when it comes to a photo

Thus this, from yesterday:
A seagull against the sunset

Towards the end of the day, friends Stripey and Anni and I went to Corona Del Mar State Beach, specifically the ‘Little Corona’ beach that’s slightly separate from the main one. A small crowd of folks there enjoying it all, we had a great time. My full set of photos has a lot more to show, while I also took a quick video at one point:

Gotta admit, I do consider myself pretty lucky.

Meanwhile, some recent random iPhone photos

Starting with an SF trip ringer, the rest being from down here:

Foggy in SF

Tree against a dusty sunset

Fogbound in OC

A lovely dawn

Sunset over the Hollywood Hills

Had a great time on Saturday visiting the Griffith Park Observatory for the first time ever — since this was post-renovation, I couldn’t compare to what it was like beforehand, but it was very enjoyable as it is, and the view, as you can see, was quite something, especially at this time of the day. A good way to celebrate early August. More photos of the day can be found at the end of my rolling Los Angeles set on Flickr.

And some random photos from the last day and a half

Gardening, weather, friends — it all came together. So enjoy!





Tara, Y, Stripey, sky!


...and sunrise

February 2009’s last sunset

And there you go. I wish I had my camera with me the other night when the moon and Venus were in conjunction — I knew the iPhone camera wouldn’t be good enough, really — but this makes up for it.

Dusk, just

And having captured the dawn earlier today…

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One heck of a sunset

You know, I’m thinking I’m glad I got the iPhone just for the kind of photos I can randomly take with it.

The moon over a sunset in Anaheim

Taken last night — this is why it is good to look up sometimes.