Some new (and old) music writing

Been a while since I updated on that general front!

New: my interview with Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance at the Quietus, tying into the release of his latest album Asleep on the Floodplain. Ben’s always been a good fellow to talk with and this was definitely another treat to do.

Old: from last week, another Quietus interview, this time with Peter Koppes of the Church. (Still can’t believe I had to miss the show; thanks for nothing, flu or whatever you were.) I’ve also been chugging along with Beat Blvd. reviews all this time for the OC Weekly — my latest entries were for the Aquabats and Barrett Johnson.

Even older: the news of the new Radiohead album reminded me of one of the projects I most enjoyed doing, Countdown to IN RAINBOWS. (The first two posts are there and then you’ll want to go forward chronologically post by post.) They’re slightly parallel to the Not Just the Ticket project — and no, I haven’t forgotten about that, but I really did need to downshift — and they were great fun to work on in such a compressed period of time.