And it’s back to the garden for 2012

And yes, hello again all — been a few months on the blog here but life’s been full!  Anyway, yesterday our bunch got everything ready for a new growing year and as ever I had to make a video about it…

Gardening gardening gardening

And yes it’s been being done but this was a full month and everything kept slipping my mind when it came to uploading clips! But here are the two most recent:

The garden on June 24, 2011

And boy oh boy did the squash take over:

Plus as ever some new photos:

Bush beans

Tomato goodness en route

The garden on June 10, 2011

Due to busy times this week, as I’ll talk about more in the next post, this’ll be my last visit here until next Friday but as you can see it’s been a crazy time for the squash in particular:

Meanwhile, from the photo collection:

Bush beans!


An example of the results

Good times…

The garden on June 3, 2011

Annnnnd we’re back. Or at least I’m back, everyone else has been working away, bless their hearts! So this was the scene of things on Friday:

Meanwhile some new photos are up in my rolling set for the year — a sample or two:


Bush beans


And another garden update for early May

More chaos from certain of the gardeners as well. They know what they are doing. Sometimes.

Gardening updates as we moved into May

The new planting done a couple of weeks back has turned out to be just what we needed! Be interesting to see if the remaining beds fire up here over the next week but for now, this was last Friday and this past Tuesday:

The garden on March 29, 2011

Things are really starting to kick in — all that rain last week was perfect to help encourage things to start growing, and now the radishes are no longer alone:

The garden on March 22, 2011

And the radishes are already coming through! A general update via video:

Next visit will be next Tuesday and we’ll see how things go then…

A garden catchup — planting has begun!

The past few weeks have mostly been about maintenance rather than anything else but growing season was coming soon. I’ve been taking various photos and videos along the way but rather than link them all I’ll just point you to my YouTube channel and my Flickr set for the moment.

The big change was this past weekend, however, with the actual planting taking place. My most recent video was taken a few days later, and has me explaining what’s been planted where:

So at this point forward it’ll be about the usual care and maintenance, and the hopes that things will take — we’ve got a good garden visit schedule worked out and there’s some rain due this weekend as well, so it’ll all continue from there!