Ending the vacation and a little decompression

Always needed. And again, full photos over at Flickr, though I’m going to include some here and go back and edit some into the previous posts as well.


I had wrapped up my previous vacation post noting that there wasn’t much left of it to go — that evening the big Boston meetup with various friends went over a treat, with a one-two-three visit to Drink (a bar where there’s no set drink menu — you just describe something you’d like with the bartender and they get to it; that Tom Collins I had in response to my request for something light and lemony was perfect), the Good Life and Chau Chow City made for a memorable time. Even though I almost lost Dan and Joei’s spare keys along the way.


The trip in to NYC last Thursday was rather eventful in its own way, thanks to the tornado or thundersquall or whatever it was that hit Bridgeport hard right as our train pulled into the city for a stop. The power on the train was knocked out and thankfully we were at least part way pulled into the platform or things would have gotten ugly — no a/c in that level of humidity outside was pretty painful there. Most of us grabbed a passing Acela for the rest of the ride in, and from there it was off to a low key dinner with Jason and Robin at Time Warner Center at Bouchon Bakery, thanks to a tip from Andy out here in California. That was one fine butternut squash sandwich.


After that, off to Jersey City to see friends Eve and Ef in their new place — very comfortable and cozy, with a fine garden — and with their new dog, the very sweet Olive. Much chat, drinks and more besides, and after that almost all that was left was a final wrap-up Friday. I caught up with Mark C. for lunch — a gentleman and a half, we had a great conversation over our halal truck meal in Central Park about music, life and more besides — then met up with Z. for drinks at Stout as I caught the last group game for the World Cup. She and I went over to Jersey City and dinner and drinks with Eve and Ef, followed by a small party at their place as I prepped for an early departure to JFK airport (yeah, I know, Newark would have made MUCH more sense, but I’d booked out of JFK half a year back and my plans to be in Brooklyn for that went awry!).

Ef and Eve's place

But Chris, a friend of Eve and Ef, offered to give me a ride over there early Saturday morning — very kind of him, thanks! — and after that it was all about chilling in the terminal, watching World Cup knockout matches for a bit, chatting with a music and soccer freak from Colombia and then hoping for my grand plan of watching the US/Ghana game on the JetBlue flight to play out. Except…well, it’s a LITTLE frustrating when the TV setup on the plane carried four ESPN channels plus all the major networks…except ABC itself, which was actually showing the game. Great. I had to rely on the ESPN updates to find out we were out, as did a bunch of us on the plane frantically flipping back and forth between channels.

After that it was just a matter of getting home, unpacking and the usual unwinding, which for me is still going on a bit. Getting back into the music writing swing and Not Just the Ticket will be reactivated soon, though probably after this weekend and the holiday fun to hand (been invited to two parties already this Saturday!), and of course there’s cooking and gardening and, well, life. But maybe I’m still drifting in the feeling of the vacation in the end, a busy but fun trip that took a lot of planning but all came together nicely. Looking forward to the next big one next year, wherever it may take me.

Chilling in SF is the way to go…

…at least for me right now. Blogging to be very sporadic while I relax with family and friends in the run up to Xmas but keep an eye on the Flickr stream and occassional crosspists from there to here. Hope everyone’s doing well, more posts when I’m home for Xmas itself if not sooner!

A lazy Sunday morning in Carmel

And a last shot from home before heading back later this afternoon. A lovely few days, as ever. Back to full on pondering tomorrow.

And I’m about off to Terrastock and points beyond!

Okay, busy work over, I’m about to hit the hay, up in a few hours to catch a flight out and it’s off to Louisville with me for this fine event:


And yes, there will be some sort of regular coverage on my end of this whole thing! Plus photos! Hopefully a live blog of sorts (in that I’ll post my thoughts after I’ve seen each set, or most of it, rather than rhapsodizing over every guitar chord — hopefully).

My vacation will continue beyond that so while I’ll have more thoughts on various things as I go, get ready for travel blog madness. Yup. 🙂