“its lonely in brainerd”

Just a quick note:

I can’t ever say I’ve been a big fan of Atmosphere or Slug — no hate per se either, it’s just a case of my interests and passions being elsewhere. Pete Scholtes has always kept an eye on him, though, to put it mildly, and in a newly started ILX thread on Atmosphere has copied something posted on another message board, referring to the new album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, which in its very sad and tragic way sums up what music can do for someone, especially if they’re more isolated than one can imagine:

‘after listening to it for almost a week i’ve concluded it’s an amazing fuckin album. not that anyone cares but this has so far been a bad year for me. my only brother died christmas day 2007 of diabetes related congestive heart failure…then my father died on april 3rd from a diabetes related heart attack. needless to say with all this shit over my head the last thing that mattered to me was any new lp. but after copping “lemons” and listening to it all the way through 50 plus times man…the shit totally is the only “hip hop” shit i can listen to right now. “painting” has to be one of my favorite tracks of all time. totally reminds me of what i’m going through right now. i just figured i’d type all that cause the dreams wont let me sleep. now im gonna sit here with my diabetic ass, smoking newports and listen to this shit over and over, and pray god don’t take me so soon.

‘and yea i realize this really wasnt about the new lp all that much. but i needed to type. its lonely in brainerd’

Hoping for the best, for whoever this is. Hope that album helps see that person through to a time when sleep won’t be tormented by dreams. It’s a salutory reminder that whatever it is we might dismiss for whatever reason could well be the necessary anchor for someone else.