A little time for a change

As anyone who still idly visits here notes, the blog has been essentially in abeyance for a while now — real life, other foci, and so forth.

But I have been plenty busy on the Net, just not here.  For that reason, and partially because my own style seems to be more open to using it at this point rather than in the tentative fashion I had in the past, I’m formally putting this site on mothballs in order to see what working with my Tumblr page more thoroughly results in.  Feel free to visit — I’ll try to at least be a touch more active there!

Meantime the other linked sites to the left there are where you can happily find me as well — and I may yet return here, who knows!

2 Responses to “A little time for a change”

  1. bill lloyd Says:

    looks like i got here just as you were fading out… but i happened to have read a comment you made somewhere on the net that you were a big james branch cabell fan, so i wanted to point out to you that we have a kind of cabell discussion forum (“the rabble discuss cabell”) over on LibraryThing.com. (http://www.librarything.com/groups/therabblediscusscabe). All are welcome. (my secret [?] long-term goal is to revive the Cabell Studies journal Kalki as an online phenom… but more about that later, maybe…

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